• Jean Francois is a seasoned real estate professional with a wealth of expertise in ground-up development and distressed real estate investments.

    He founded a real estate fund consultancy that established strong connections within Miami's distressed bank departments, enabling European private equity to capitalize on the best foreclosure opportunities. During the subprime crisis, Jean Francois executed a buy, fix, and rent strategy with success.

    In 2011, Jean Francois switched his focus on Panama residential rural projects, his expertise in ground-up development enabling shareholders to invest in complex situations often shunned by other investors.

    Since 2019 we are witnessing an increasing number of European and North American families relocating to Panama to create a new chapter in their lives. They are seeking to provide their children with an education grounded in nature and a safe environment, away from the tumult of urban areas.

    Our mission is to build together a free, healthy, and prosperous society that will last for generations to come.

    Jean Francois is married to a Panamanian and feels incredibly grateful to be the proud father of three wonderful childrens.

    Living in Panama paradise is a true blessing for him and his family, providing them with an unparalleled quality of life and an abundance of natural beauty and ressources.

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