Water harvesting

Why harvest rainwater?

  • Helps plants, livestock, farms, people and communities survive through droughts.
  • Essential in very arid areas where rainfall is scarce.
  • Provides a supply of water to plants and animals during extended periods without rain.
  • Ensures water is directed to where it is most needed, maximizing plant yields and protecting certain plants and areas from too much water.

What are the uses of harvested rainwater?

  • Essential to all human, animal, plant and microbial life
  • Provides nutrients to plants and water borne microbes.
  • Can be used for human consumption, household uses, watering plants and livestock, supplementing ponds with fresh water make-up, nutrient solution preparation, aquaponics and aquaculture, Each use has different quality requirements and considerations for water treatment options to ensure quality is achieved

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and building water harvesting structures in Panama over the past few years. We have successfully implemented systems ranging from 2500 liters to 40,000 liters or more, depending on the needs of the clients. Our expertise in rainwater harvesting ensures that you will have a reliable and efficient system that will meet your water needs while promoting sustainable water management practices.

In addition to these benefits, building a rainwater harvesting system can also improve your preparedness for emergencies, such as natural disasters or water supply disruptions. Having a reliable source of water during emergencies can help you and your community stay safe and resilient.